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Started by Founder 2017-03-14 at 20:57
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Dear Grand members,

Today we have received an email saying that Paypal is no longer accepting paid to click websites. This was a shocking news for us, because every time we had talked to them in the past, they always said that they reviewed each businesses individually and our website was considered to be a safe business. For the last 4 years, whenever they reviewed our account, and applied a temporary limitation, they always had given us permission to continue our business due to our unique and stable payment system , under ROI and SPS.

The conditions of our agreement with them was simple: They only asked us to maintain the majority of our funds on their website , which is why we did not transfer our money from there to any banks or to any other payment processors, because we simply trusted them. As you probably know , Grandbux is not a profitable website for owners; because it has been designed to be profitable to the members , which is why unlike many websites we have managed to pay approx. $3 million to our members. This could have never happened without the trust and the name we built with you.

Our vision was always bigger than becoming a profitable website. We wanted to make a positive impact on the world and allow thousands of people from all around the world to be able to make an extra income with their efforts. For this , we intended to build a name rather than make money for ourselves. We always believed that if we build a trust with you , we can always achieve greater things . All of our sacrifices, our 7/24 assistance , and dedication to provide the best for you was in the purpose of achieving that vision.

This is why we believe in you today that you will continue with us when we go through this transition period of time. As long as we have you , nothing can stop us! Because after we go through this , Grandbux will be faster, stronger, and better because of you. All of the members who remained loyal to us will be richly rewarded on this website and any other future projects we will release. Grandbux will always be a website that allows you to make stable income for many more years to come. For your future, for your family and the dreams you make with them will continue to be achieved here as you hoped in the first place.

We only ask your understanding on this matter and continuous support until we add the new payment processors and make this transition period as smooth as possible for all of you. As of tomorrow morning, we will contact new payment processors based on your preference. We will also register a new branch of our company overseas in Europe to even be eligible for some of the new payment processors that are not available in USA.

Grandbux will go through this hard time , and come out even stronger as we always have done in the past! We all will need to make a sacrifice some of our time handling all these situations, but we promise you, it will be worth it. After few months from now, not only we will get past this but we will also reward each and every one of you for your patience ,loyalty and enduring this hard time with us today. Rest assured that our team is capable of handling these sort of crises with the best possible outcomes , as we had always done in the past.

Payza users will continue without any interruption (conditions apply:info), and soon more payment processors will come to replace Paypal. Already contacted Paypal Management to remove the temporary hold on our funds as soon as possible , so that we can transfer the funds to an alternative payment processor. Also, we already got in touch with our consultant to resolve every issue at the interest of our site and our members. We will update you with any progress that will unfold in near future.

As Grandbux team, we cannot stress enough how much we love working with you at Grandbux , making the impossible things possible and we know this is only the beginning of greater things. I just want to express my sincere gratitude for your continuous loyalty and understanding. As always , if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to send us a ticket. My team and I will work day and night until we get past this transition! We are %100 positive and confident that new developments of our site and the new payment processors will only make everything much better than before.

Best regards,

Note: Please reply this thread with your personal choice of new payment processor. Whichever payment processor requested most will be added at first.

Latest News:

March 15th
We are currently in touch with AUP department at Paypal to release the funds being held. The only way to communicate with them is via email and we are waiting their respond to progress the case. We will inform you with further updates in here.

March 17th
Brand Risk Management at Paypal has requested Grandbux to remove Paypal from the site, and accept their policies in order to return the account to good standing. 10 minutes after that, we did what we were asked for. We also gave them a call to finish their review and return our account to good standing as promised. We are currently waiting them to respond our case.
Paypal's Request: View here
Proof of Compliance: View here

March 18th
All the necessary actions have been taken to access partial of our funds on Paypal today. Upon approval of our request, we will finally be able to move the funds to a new payment processor , which will be preferred most by our members. Shortly, we will also start the voting pool to decide which new payment processor to be added first.

March 20th
Frequently asked questions regarding the transition to a new payment processor has been added. For info: View here

March 21th
Vote pool for the most preferred payment processor by Grandbux community has officially begun. Please do not forget to vote! In addition, Server optimization has finally been completed. Loading speed has increased by approx. +1.4 seconds.

March 23th
Great news! Paypal finally approved our request to appeal the limitation of our business account under certain conditions. We will be able to start transferring partial of our funds from Paypal on regular basis during the transition period (Paypal to New Processors). Meaning that we will not be able to move all the funds at once; however we will be able to transfer small portions of the available funds on weekly terms , allowing us to reserve a sufficent balance to start payments via the new processor. Meanwhile, we already contacted Bitpay and Payoneer to add as alternative payment processors. They requested the documents of our business, and we immediately provided aforementioned documents. Switching to a new payment processor rule on our website will shortly be updated for our members' convenience.

March 25th

Switching to a new payment processor rule will be integrated shortly. We are acting based on your comments and experience regarding the new payment processors that we will add as alternative methods. The transition period will start soon. The loyalty rewards will also be announced as soon as the transition period starts. Thank you so much for your patience.

March 28th

Transition period started!
Switching to a new payment processor rule has been officially changed. On your cashout page, you can now have access to the detailed information about your withdrawal date as well as your free loyalty reward. Currently, you can only switch to Payza payment processor. We will start accepting Bitcoin in the next few business days ( We are waiting for Tier 3 Volume approval to be able to receive/send payments with sufficient limit). We will be distributing %99 ( it was %90 only) of all sales made within the last 24 hours during the transition period. More sales the grandbux makes, more the amount of commission will be distributed to our members depending on the current membership. Minimum cashout limits will be based on the priority system. Higher membership holders will have higher cashout limits depending on SPS in order to maintain the stability of Grandbux's future as well as to preserve thousands of members' dedicated time and dreams. New and attractive promotions will be announced to increase the sales therefore the cashout benefits of all of our members. Together , we are going to create better tomorrows as we did in the past! The sacrifices we make today will be the seeds of greatest success stories in the future. Be assured that those who will remain loyal to Grandbux will never regret! Your Grandbux team will always be here to provide the best possible services in this industry.

June 1st
We are happy to announce that we finally came to the final stage of the transition period from Paypal to Payza ,which will be officially completed as of September 10th. Rise of the Grandbux has finally begun with various promotions and benefits. All previously Paypal users given the option to cashout via Payza (our new payment processor) with a new cashout date based on their profit margin.They have the express cashout option which offer free membership extension as loyalty reward as well. Non-depositors can continue to cashout on their new withdrawal date without further deposit requirement. We have added Payeer already, and Bitcoin will also be fully operational in the next few weeks

June 29th

Payeer payouts has already started. We are excited to announce that Paypal's hold on the rest of our funds will be released within the first week of the September, as their 6 months hold is ending. The transition period promotions will continue until September. We also have a plan for adding the wire transfer via Bank for sending and receiving money in the future. Thank you all for your incredible support! We will continue to make sure Grandbux members get the best possible results available.

July 8th

Bitcoin deposits are now instant. Members who deposit via Bitcoin will instantly receive their funds with eligible bonus. We have 62 days left until Paypal removes the limit on the rest of our funds. Transition period is still scheduled to finish as of the first two weeks of september.

Sep 10th

We just contacted Paypal , and now waiting for them to send us a confirmation email that our limitation has ended. Once they lift the limitation, we will be able to access the rest of our funds and then move the funds to Payza, Bitcoin within a week. We are expecting to receive by Sept 25th. Meanwhile, based on the conversation our admins had with the Paypal team, it appears that there is a positive chance that Paypal could be back to our site on certain conditions. We are now discussing those conditions. Please check your pm regularly for the recent updates.

Sep 12th

Based on the conditions of Paypal whose terms are set by the US regulations, and to avoid any future troubles with other payment processors, Grandbux will transform from Ptc into a new program that offer survey type ads with Level based affiliate commission system. Like always, we will make sure that our members get the best possible outcome from the upcoming changes. As a compensation, all current members will receive equal or higher valuable features of the new program based on their last membership purchase, total deposit , number of rental referrals, duration of effort since their registration. We are %100 sure that you will love the new program and the new design of Grandbux. More information will be given here. Please stay tuned

Update: Please kindly note that we are being led to change the system not just because of the Paypal's requirements, but rather to avoid any future troubles with other payment processors and with official regulations as well. Our current program was not considered as high risky business few years ago when we had first started this business but within the last several years there were almost thousands of newbie ptc sites who started and ended their service. This got the attention of payment processors as well. It is only matter of time Payeer , Bitcoin or Payza takes similar action against the ptc sites just like Paypal because internet laws are being applied more strictly than before. Most of the ptc sites are being forced to close their website in few years and they are marked as scam because the system itself is not providing best quality advertisements and they are being in debt , which is why the program is being questioned as high risky businesses. We would like to change that and improve the quality of advertisement service as well as the benefits to the partners (you) we will work with. Other legit companies who are in the similar place are taking the necessary steps because they want to continue providing their honest and lucrative service within the legit terms as the world and the rules change , instead of shutting down. This is not what we wanted but it is a step which we should take. Also , please do not confuse us with other websites. What we will bring was never seen on any other website before. I would only ask your patience to see what our new program offers and then we are confident that you will then agree with our view on this change.

Note: Our new program will not be like regular survey websites you have seen before. Ads will be followed by a single question which will give you incentive regardless of your respond . It is something completely new and never been tried before, and our new type of ads will be designed to bring real organic traffic to the advertisers which is why the Grandbux will be able to attract much more advertisers ; therefore it will provide stable and lucrative affiliate commission to the partners(you) upon those sales. As the Grandbux owners, we had sacrificed so much within the last 4 years to the point where we sometimes did work even without any income from the site for months but as the number of members increase , the sponsored ad costs increase as well. This will finally be fixed with our new program. We have absolute 0 desire to give you any sort of inconvenience and rest assured that if we did not believe that this change will bring you much better results in the near future, we would have never taken this step for all of us. Lets become something more than a ptc site which is copied every single day or night. We know that change is always scary but in about few days, you will see that this change is about the best thing we will have ever done for our future.

Sep 16th

Great news is that our new design and features are almost ready. Shortly, we will go into beta mode where certain features such as deposit, cashout, upgrade, referral management ( extending, buying, renting ) features will not be accessible. After that our CTO will start updating the pages one by one until it is fully converted to the new version of Grandbux. We are expecting everything to be ready by September 25th. Thank you for your incredible support as always!

Sep 17th

We understand that you may have an unique concern or question and rest assured that we read all of them , and will address those accordingly upon the launch of the new Grandbux. We believe everything will make much more sense if you read the responds of your concerns when you see the new version and how things will work for you. There will be no loss for any member. Each members will get equal or higher value features based on the new program. We posted this Frequently Asked Questions (click here) for now until everything ( new guide page, new features and design) is ready by September 25th

Sep 24th

We are excited to let you know that the new Grandbux is almost here. We designed the pages from scratch with the newest programs available. You will be able to access the new Grandbux after Sep 25th. Although there will be few other pages which we still be working on , the important pages are already completed, as promised. Another good news is that all of the remaining free rental referrals will be distributed at once.

Sep 25th

We apologize for the slight delay on the estimate time. Designing a website and its new system from scratch in only 10 days was truly a great challenge but our team have almost done it. They are currently at the test stage where the new pages and features are being checked to find possible errors and glitches.
Rest assured that we will do our best to launch the new Grandbux during Sep 25th-26th .Thank you again for your patience.

Sep 26th

You will be logged out from old pages in about few hours and then we are going to forward the old pages to the new pages and you will be invited to the new home page where you can access your new dashboard via the login link, located on the right top of the header. Meanwhile , we had already started assigning the remaining of the free RR limits to the eligible members. The free rental referrals are being sent in small packs to prevent slowness on the servers. After you log in to new Grandbux, you can expect the rest of your free rental referral limit to be assigned to your account within 2 days.

Sep 28th

The number of active surveys are steadily increasing , as some of our members already start to figure out how our new program works. We understand you would like to see the results as fast but please give some time for the majority of our community to adopt to the new system. If you still have questions about our program, please click the link below:

Click to view : Announcement

Oct 16th
Payout proof page has been added. Last earners bar has been added on the forum. New Message system was enabled and therefore It is now in the partners' ability to guide the referrals in their downline and succeed accordingly. Message system also allows users to contact the advertisers regarding the surveys on the discover page. Referral filter is being improved , which will show its positive results as of Nov 12th. Survey priority is updated to give better exposure to the advertisers. Grid Game will be the next available feature.

Oct 23th
We are glad to inform you that Grid Game has now been delivered. As the new advertisement product is added, it will now allow our partners to earn more from their affiliates while the members can potentially receive grand XP prize on their daily try outs, giving them the opportunity to upgrade to the next level quickly. We have also added daily contest and provide rewards to the top 10 members who complete the most surveys (by providing feedback) on the same calendar day. Referral filter improvements have been completed , and it will be active as of Nov 12th. We have now over 5000 available survey ads, which shows the increase on the activity among our advertisers. As our new program is accepted by more of our community , the positive results our partners can expect are significantly improving. I also must say that as the Grandbux team , we are so thankful for all the positive messages and tickets you are sending regarding the improvements you are seeing on our new program. We are continuously working to make sure that you , as the partners, and the users of Grandbux , will get closer to experience the true potential of our program by each new day. Your support and appreciation motivate our team to work 10 times more to finish the developments as soon as possible. We are of course limited only by the human nature , however we promise you that everything you see from now on will be in the service of achieving our mutual goals and dreams. We believe in Grandbux and its incredibly strong community that makes anything possible. We are now working on the features of survey ad type , and add ability to delete, edit for the convenience of our members. We will continue to update you here.

Oct 29th
We have just added the ability to delete inactive survey ads so that the members who reached the max. limits of survey ads can continue to create new survey ads on daily basis. Our team is currently working on finishing the settings page , which will allow you to update personal information as well as payment information (if not filled before).

Nov 6th

Settings page has been delivered. Our members can now add / update their payment information without need for assistance via ticket. We have added the ability Report Inappropriate ads on Grid Game. Anti cheat system is in progress for survey ads.

Nov 13th
All the bugs regarding rental referrals have been fixed. The new filter system has been integrated and working without any problem. Higher level holders now have the chance to collect rental referrals with better activity (The activity is determined based on certain factors such as registration date, recent activities, daily contest participation etc) . We will continue to make our products more appealing. In the meanwhile, we had seen %40 increase in the number of affiliate earnings our members receive in the past 2 days , and we strongly recommend not to get discouraged right away because the new RR filter works only with your own efforts. Right now, more than %70 of our active community has sufficient funds to buy our products without any need for investment. The number of available survey ads reached over 6200 , and finding and guiding your referrals will help you succeed with us. As always, please kindly note that Grandbux offers the platform with safe and stable services where the members' efforts and abilities pay off. We provide referrals onsite for convenience, and it is in your ability to find referrals and guide them to participate in our program via new private group chat feature in order to benefit affiliate earnings as well as other perks without any restriction. Our team is currently preparing to deliver the banner advertisement shortly.

Nov 30th

We are glad to inform you that our referral filter has now been advanced to better meet the expectations of our community since we eliminated certain amount of referrals who potentially are not active from the pool so that the members assigned as rental referrals will be more likely to show activity from now on. Even though , we can never guarantee nor know how the referrals will act in the future, we believe that our algorithm enhances the possibility of active referral at its best. After our filter is applied, the number of availability was decreased therefore we brought a limit to the number of referrals being rented at a time for all level holders. Finally, our team continues to work on bringing better earning opportunities for all.

P.s The improvement of filter can only be seen to the members who rent new referrals as of now based on their level status, meaning higher level holders will have better results from the new filter.

We wish you have a great future with Grandbux!

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Thanks for the info Admin

Long live Grandbux and support team

United we stand , Divided we fall
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I hope you always best
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Payoneer is a good option. Other PTCs sites use it's and it's work excellent.
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Oh no! I find all other payment processors charge too much to withdraw which to me is a big problem. Paypal is ruining my income from ptcs :(
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just a few weeks ago go set up with payza as they did the same to clicksense. Would be great if it could be them as they are the only other one I am set up with now. love grandbux and hope this transition doesn't make you loose many customers.
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Keep moving strongly together.
I will always support you, My love Grandbux.
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thanks for the shows your sincerity and commitment towards members...don't worry ups and downs are coming......but to stay should be our motto.....long live grandbux.
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Thanks for Information.
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Thanks for the Info Dear Admin!
I am always with you and GRANDBUX
I believe in GRAND and SUPPORT of Grandbux