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no reply / no support nothing (1 year gone)

Started by kai84p 2019-03-03 at 10:06
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Where is Admin ? Is grandbux over now ?
If admin or support team reading this topic then do reply instantly to show us that you are still here.
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Living in the USA, thank you to prevent FBI so that the light is made, the sums are huge, it deserves investigation. Maybe the administrator is a victim of Payza, maybe he's a liar. You must have your name verified, and the sums of money. We must stop being stupid and wait forever. The administrator never gave his identity, cashed huge sums on his site, forced us to reinvest our earnings in a new version of grandbux while many wanted to withdraw their earnings and now, there is abandonment of the site by non response technical support for several months, so living in the US, thank you to notify the authorities of your country.For the other countries, you've understood, your money will not come back under these conditions ... Administrator, either you close your site, either you manage it correctly You do not have to remain in silence like that otherwise it means something very specific!