Frequently Asked Questions
What is Grandbux?

Grandbux is an online advertising platform where advertisers can reach thousands of potential clients and skyrocket their sales and traffic while our members earn cash for each advertisement they view on the site along with many other income options. Members can earn from referring others, watching interesting advertisements, joining variety of contests , and playing Grand Grid.

Note: Grandbux is the only product of Grandteam LLC. Grandbux is not an investment program nor is it get rich-quick-scheme. Grandbux provides advertisement services with affiliate commission and users' earnings merely depend on their own efforts and management skills.

What is the vision of Grandbux/ Grandteam LLC?

Grandbux is the first product of Grandteam LLC, formed by a team of experts in Santa Monica, CA in 2013. Our team has worked on the project of Grandbux for over a year until it deserved our confidence to proudly represent to our members. We have a vision to turn the Grandbux as an incredible opportunity that could be globally beneficial for both our members and advertisers. We would very much like to make the time you spend with us as profitable as it could be possible online. Tune up with us for our new innovations that will come out soon. Always be one step ahead with Grandteam

Who can join?

Anyone who passed age 18 can join as the member of Grandbux and therefore is open to US and International members; however, it is void where prohibited by local governing laws.

Can anyone else join from my home?

Any attempt to create multiple accounts by the same IP within the same internet connection are not allowed. If any member of your family or house would like to join our system, they are welcomed to do so, however please keep in mind that only one account can view advertisements within 24 hours, others in the same IP/ Connection / House will have to wait another 24 hours to view ads. They can always log in and check their balance and post on forums though

Can anyone click instead of me?

Sure, we understand people can sometimes be a little busy and in that case, feel free to ask your friends or family to do you a favor and view your advertisements. As long as you are in no violation of our terms of service, you will be just fine. Nevertheless, please note that any attempt to use bots, auto-click software will be detected and will lead to account termination immediately

Can I change my user name?

No, unfortunately. Once you set up your account with a user name, there is no option to change it. So, if you have not signed up yet, you might want to think on your user name. And keep in mind that we will never let anyone to choose insulting user names.

Can I change my sponsor/upline?

You cannot change your upline under any circumstances. If your upline gets suspended, his/her account will remain in the records in which you are registered.

Why have I not won on the GrandGrid?

Grand Grid is a chance game where winning odds are given by the type of your membership. Golden members have 50, Ultimate members have 75 and Superior members have 100 tries to find the prizes. The system works like this: Each time you click on the boxes of grid, and view the advertisements, you will have the opportunity to reveal the prize. Some of the boxes are empty and some have a prize up to 10$. Also, you can always check the latest winners on the right side of Grand Grid. Good Luck!

How do I see my ad stats for the GrandGrid?

There is a box located upper right corner of the frame. There you can see how many 'tries' you  have left as well as the latest winners.

What are Micro Job Offers?

Paid to Sign up offers , aka micro jobs, are adverts where you must register with our advertiser’s website and provide proof that you actually completed the offer successfully and followed the instructions completely. The advertiser will specify the exact terms of the offer.You must read and understand the terms and then complete the offer as required. When you submit the offer, then the advertiser will have 96hrs to approve the offer or deny the offer. If the advertiser approves the offer then the money will automatically be credited to your account.If the advertiser denies the offer then you will not be paid.

MEMBERS: To prevent abuse of the system we will automatically block any member that has accumulated TEN rejected offers. It is important that you only submit offers where you have actually completed the offer correctly. All micro job offers are accepted at your own risk. Please choose only the micro jobs that you can complete within 72 hr time period. If the required work time exceeds that period , you may prefer another micro job that fits your schedule. Members are required to view at least 1000 advertisements prior to gain eligibility for micro jobs. 

ADVERTISERS: To prevent abuse of the system we will automatically block any advertiser who intentionally denies a valid offer. It is important that the advertiser promotes a reasonable offer. Please do not post any offer where our members need to make a purchase /upgrade or do perform more than 3 days in a row. Please do not post an offer where the member cannot reasonably complete the offer within a 72hr time period. Any failure to do so might jeopordize your account with us. PTSU offers will be auto-approved if not reviewed by the advertiser within 96 hours. Admin will evaluate any DENY/REJECTED offers within 72 hours of you submitting them for review. (Usually it takes less than 48 hours) You do not earn any referral earnings from Paid to Signup offer completions.

Can I access my account with a proxy?

No, it is a violation of the Grandbux TOS to access your account with a Proxy, Vpn or any anonymizing service.  If we detect you using a proxy, you can be banned and afterwards you will also not be able to view any tasks, offers or surveys. Please be sure to disable or completely remove the proxy before you attempt to login to your account

Can I access my account from different locations?

As long as you are the only one connected to our system via private IP, you will be able to access your account without any problem i.e. Gsm connected mobile phones, tablets etc. However, shared networks such as schools, library, and internet cafes are not allowed. Keep in mind that there could be only one user per computer in the same internet connection. If there are multiple users sharing the same internet, the others will have to wait 24 hours to view advertisements. That is the main reason shared networks are not permitted.

How often do I need to login to prevent account termination?

After activation of your account you should log in at least one time in every 10 days to prevent temporary account suspension. If you stay inactive for over 10 days straight, your account will be reset. 

Is my information safe on Grandbux?

Your personal information including your email address is never given, sold or exposed under any circumstances.

Why is my account suspended?

Members' accounts are generally temporarily suspended due to being inactive for over 10 days. In case of temporary suspension, member can easily reactivate the account via log in page. In other cases, members are suspended due to violation of Grandbux TOS. For more information please take a look at the Grandbux TOS.  Please also note that your account could also be suspended due to viewing " Anti cheat" ad multiple times in a row. 

I haven't received my payment, why ?

Please make sure you are meeting these requirements in order to receive your payment successfully. 

  1. You need to have a positive balance after Payza merchant fees (0.50$ + %10).
  2. Make sure your Payza email address is correct. To check , Go to Settings/Payment Method
  3. Your country must be eligible for receiving payments via the preferred payment processor.If you are using Payza, you do not need to hold a verified account. 

Note: All payments are made instantly via mass pay feature, if for any other reason , you don't receive your payment within 24 hours , please open a support ticket.

What is the reset time for advertisements?

All ads reset at 00:00(Server time). Grid ads are reset every 24 hours.

Can I have a refund?

Feel free to contact Grandbux Team by opening a ticket here. Please note that openning an unlawful chargeback dispute via Paypal/Payza leads to permanent account suspension. Legal claims will be filed against the members who misuse the chargeback/unauthorized claim disputes.

Why did I lose my Referral ?

If  any of your referral was removed from your account , the reason of loss could occur due to one or more than one reasons listed below.

- Referra is expired
- Referral's account information was filled out with false/fake data.
- Referral's paypal/payza account was not verified when made payment.
- Referral was using Autoclick software
- Referral's payment was not cleared by Paypal/Payza Fraud Department
- Referral was found to be offered incentive earnings ( Cashback) by the Upline.
- Referral was suspended due to inactivity.

Why I am getting "Multiple IP" error?

In case the log in error is displayed by mistake, please take the following instructions to resolve the issue.

1. If you are using dynamic IP , please turn your modem off and on
2. Clear your cache and cookies of your browser before you try to log in
3. Make sure there is no other member registered using your Internet within the WIFI range of your modem.
4. Enable WIFI password to avoid other members accessing your free internet.

Why can't I see the Ads?

Please make sure the Adblocker is disabled on your browser.

How can I join Point Contest?

All members are automatically admitted to Daily Point Contest. In order to get your username appear on the list, your points will need to be more than 100th member's points accumulation within the last 24 hours after each server reset time.

How can i post in the forum?

You need to click at least 100 advertisements in order to have full access in the forum. Until then, new members are strongly recommended to review the latest posts from experienced users. 

How can I fill out the security questions?

You can find the security questions on settings under Personal data . If you already filled them out before, security questions will not appear and you don't need to fill them out again.

Can I fill out my security questions again?

Security questions disappear right after you filled them out. You don't need to fill out your security questions again. For verifications, we only check if your birthday and birthplace match the documents you send us via email. 

Ad loading bar is not working. How can i fix it?

This usually occurs for the members who use dynamic IP connections. Please try the following to resolve the issue:

1. Reset your modem router to renew your IP
2. Uninstall your current web browser and install Google chrome
3. Log in via a PC or mobile with static/unique IP


How can I verify my account?
Upgraded members are not required to verify their accounts until their total earnings reach $50. Standard members may be required to verify their accounts prior to their first cashout. Due to high number of hacking/cheating attempts, we added a verification process to secure our members' earnings. You will be able to withdrawal your earnings as soon as your account is verified by our team upon approval of your documents within 7-14 business days. 

How to verify:

  • Check the eligibility of your payment account ( Paypal or Payza) for deposit/cashout. 
  • On settings page, upload only 1 of identification. Ex: Utility Bill/Student ID/Passport/Government ID/ Library Card etc

Note : The full name on your official document must match the one on your Grandbux account. (Must be in latin alphabets). Please cross out any important information except your full name via Paint program for your privacy. If the waiting period exceeds 14 business days, please feel free to send us a ticket as a reminder. Please do not send an inquiry before 14 days . We processs the verification requests in the order we receive them. Thank you!

I cannot log in my account. What can I do?

If you are having trouble logging into your account, please try the following :

  1. Reset your modem router to renew your IP.  
  2. Uninstall your current web browser and install the latest version of Google Chrome. 
  3. Log in your account via mobile phone on 3G/4G/LTE unique connection. 
  4. Disable any addon that could prevent the load of jquery/javascript
  5. Log in your account via Incognito mode on
  6. Disable IPv6 on your internet connection. Our site can only work with IPv4 connections. 

If you need to reactivate your account ( temporary suspensions only)

  1. Enter your log in details.
  2. Click the link on the following page. 
  3. Type in your email address 
  4. Activate it.
How to activate my Pin code?

For security reasons, all members are now required to activate their pin code via settings page. This security measure has been taken in order to protect members' earnings against possible hacking attempt. 

How to activate it?

  • Go to settings page
  • Request a temporary pin code to your email address ( Gmail Id and Birthday is required )
  • Enter the temporary pin code on the settings page where it says "Not Activated"
  • Activate it

Incorrect Birthday/Not received pin code in an email? 

If your email ID is not a gmail or if you are having a birthday error , send us a support ticket here with the following information.

Notice: Never enter your pin code on fake websites (phishing scam) or share with anyone else. Always check the URL : when you enter your password or pin code. If the site is fake, do not enter your password/pin code. Report it immediately to our team. Once your pin code is activated, keep it in a secure place. 

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